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ANDY GAMES has bitten the dust, leaving behind only a deficit of several thousand dollars. Profit for 2013, the year Andy Games LLC was founded, $0. There are more profitable things to spend time on.

​Currenly running until October 5th a fundraiser to promote book #1 in the new epic novel series I wrote, Heros of Archanea. At least 3 books are planned.  Book 1 is written and being prepared for publishing.

Unless a book is heavily promoted, you only sell copies to your friends. Not even enough to pay publishing expenses. We need to raise a lot of money to properly promote this series. At the lowest level of fund raising success we'll advertise using You Tube's ad service on thousands of videos. At a higher level of fund raising success we'll hire a professional book publicist. You can help out.
Contribute or help out now!

                  HEROS OF ARCHANEA
                    Book #1:  The Forest and the Desert

                         Anton Brzezinski