ANDY GAMES has bitten the dust, leaving behind only a deficit of several thousand dollars. Profit for 2013, the year Andy Games LLC was founded, $0. There are more profitable things to spend time on.

World's slowest painter! That doesn't sound like something to brag about, does it? Who says I'm bragging? And how do you prove something like that, anyway?

One way might be to live for a hundred years and only finish one painting. Well why am I saying this anyway? Let me explain. From 1998 to qpproximatly 2012 I sold paintings, real oil and acrylic paintings I'd done, on Ebay.

In the real art world, I was a galleried artist. I was in galleries in Arkansas, New Orleans, and Los Angeles. I'm a listed artist. I've also won awards, painted, sold and been collected in Amsterdam, London, Italy.  Been mentioned or featured on television as far away as China. And I did it by trying to paint good paintings day and night, and offer them to people at an affordable price.

Even with prices as high (rarely) as $2500 on Ebay, I barely made a living. Why? I spent thousands on brushes, paints, mediums, canvases, advertising. The better paintings took weeks to paint, and I couldn't with good conscience ask more than a pittance for the quicker paintings. And by 2014 I decided I was going to paint until I was satisfied with what I'd done. The trouble is, I'm not easily pleased with what I do.
So I have to announce, I can't sell paintings on ebay any more.

I've become the world's slowest painter.

I'm not painting any less, I just linger longer on what I do paint. Tweaking it. You haven't seen any of the new work yet. When I do offer it, if you find it worthy, you'll have an opportuinty to buy it in a fundraiser I'm doing to buy a house large enough to have a studio where I have room to do bigger paintings.  Until then, here's a photo of a painting I did in the past.

            Anton Brzezinski